We Do What It Takes.

I have twins. I also have daughter who is two years older. Add to that, I became a single mother when the twins were 21 months, and Kid #1 was three years old. People constantly ask me, “how did you do it?” I just did. That’s my constant answer. I just did. No magic formula. I just got myself through it. Full disclosure: I don’t always remember a the details of the really stressful times, but I...
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Love and Hate…My Lifelong Relationship

There is a place, buried somewhere pretty deep right now, where I know I still love you. I've spent hours, weeks, months looking for it, but it’s lost for the moment. I used to love you. I've loved you when, to any outsider, it made sense, and I've loved you when it probably seemed crazy to some. In my head I know I still love you. I just can't find it in my heart. You used to make me feel...
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They Say You Can’t Go Back Again, But Sometimes We Slip

I think we all have those moments. Those moments when we almost, almost, let our boundaries slip, because we feel nostalgic for what was. Even if what was wasn't healthy. We spend so much time and energy, blood, sweat, and tears, getting ourselves out of unacceptable situations, and in the process we learn to create healthier boundaries. Hurts so good, right?  And after all is said and...
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The Anatomy Of Letting Go

Unwinding is tricky business. Knowing I have to let go, and actually letting go, those are two very different things. As it turns out. I feel like I am unspooling from the inside. But...in a good way. Not always a pleasant way, but definitely a healthy way. I feel like my insides had become that tangled ball of yarn - the one that isn’t really even a ball of yarn, just a big...well, tangle, and...
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My #favouritething today – February 17, 2016

   I love my sistas. #MFTT

My Favourite Thing Today – Friday, February 12, 2016


My Favourite Thing Today – Tuesday, December 29, 2015

  It's important to recognize the gratitude in our lives, every chance we get. I make it a habit to recognize the Thank You's in my life in the mornings, and My Favourite Things in the evenings. I invite you to leave your Gratitudes in the comments below....

My #FavouriteThing Today – Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My favourite thing today was a magic dress. Before you start laughing, let me explain, because I think I honestly found a magic dress.  Saffron and I wear matching dresses on stage. We went to get *very fancy* sparkly sequinned dresses in the spring in time to...


   Nothing more need be said.

Happy Valentines Day

   Happy Valentines Day. ❤️

#ThankYou – Friday, January 22, 2016

   #ThankYou for all the gifts with which I have been blessed. 



We are all broken.

We are all broken. We just need to find people whose broken we want to look beneath, and who we want to let under our broken. That's relationship. And it's beautiful, in all its brokenness....

Listen to your body #TFTKS

   Listen. Pay attention. And act on what your body tells you. It knows. #bodywisdom...

It’s easier when you’re having fun #TFTKS

   So just let go already. Life is better on the other side. Have. Fun. With. It. #TFTKS

Abundance #TFTKS