Sara’s highly charismatic personality draws in audiences young and mature alike. With humour, compassion, and a quick instinct for analyzing the situation at hand, she keeps her audiences engaged and delighted.element1-2


Sara is passionate about correct vocal technique and the many applications it can have to improve lives. Good vocal technique isn’t just for singers. So many people use their voices all day long. So many people <em>mis</em>-use their voices all day long. Not only can that lead to vocal fatigue and voice loss, but long term, it can cause vocal damage which, worst case scenario, can even require surgery and rehabilitation.

Teachers, people who work in sales, people who make presentations all day long, doctors, nurses, and other heath care professionals…the list goes on and on…people in these professions speak all day long. Many find themselves vocally fatigued at the end of the day, and consequently do not want to engage in social activities that will further tax their voices.

However, with some small adjustments, people can learn to use their voices in a healthier way, which will give them more longevity and less fatigue and damage, and ultimately, less time unable to perform their jobs due to voice loss. In addition to that, learning some vocal technique can help people learn to modulate their voice differently, infusing it with more authority, compassion, interest….emotion.element1-2


Sara is full to bursting with enthusiasm about the power of gratitude in our lives. In a day and age when we are bombarded with so much negativity, unrealistic expectations set by the media, the prevalence of bullying (and not only in the adolescent population), poor health and disease, and so many other things that are out of our control, establishing a gratitude practice is one thing that we can do to effect change in our personal lives.

Sara’s personal story involves suicidal depression, debilitating chronic illness, and financial distress. She credits her gratitude practice (<a title=”MY FAVOURITE THING TODAY” href=”” target=”_blank”>My Favourite Thing Today</a>) with giving her back her life and learning to manage within her illness.

Sara engages audiences with the transformational power of gratitude in our daily lives, involving them with activities and valuable takeaways.