We are all broken.

We are all broken. We just need to find people whose broken we want to look beneath, and who we want to let under our broken. That’s relationship. And it’s beautiful, in all its brokenness. #tftks

Sparkle and shine #TFTKS

On this day, and every day of the year. Sparkle loud and shine bright. Be unapologetically you in every way. With great big, super-powered LOVE. Merry Christmas ❤️ #TFTKS

  (For those who like the phone screen saver shot, save this photo and use it to give your phone a little sparkle!)

We’re all waiting to feel like grownups #TFTKS

It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 15 or 45 or 75. Everyone I know is waiting to feel like a grown up. It helps to give everyone around you a little slack when you realize that they don’t have the answers either. We’re all just trying to do our best. We all just need to be on each other’s teams, cheering each other along, because we’re all Peter Panning this shit. #TFTKS 

The sooner you trust it #TFTKS

Sometimes we make life really hard for ourselves. But eventually, maybe, we figure out that the sooner we get there, the sooner we get there. Which involves allowing, and trust, and realizing that there’s no “there”. We’re always there, because there is in transit, the journey. And the sooner we trust ourselves and the process in that journey, the sooner we get there…which is to trust ourselves and the process in the journey. Don’t you just love life? #TFTKS