My #FavouriteThing Today – Thursday, May 28, 2015 

My favourite thing today was going and recording some vocals for a track tonight, for my guitar player. It was fun to go in and sing parts (and double them) really easily and quickly. It was all BG parts, but they were super stacked and fat, and I think it’ll sound great once they’re mixed. And it’s a nice reminder sometimes to realize that I can do that stuff quickly and well. We tracked all the BG’s in about an hour, which was nothin’.

What was your favourite thing today? ❤️

My #FavouriteThing Today – Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My favourite thing today was auditions at Dance Co, the dance school where I teach musical theatre. We were running auditions for the program next year. We had so many kids come out to sing! Some great talent. It was awesome. I’m feeling super excited about next year’s program, and all the kids. 

What was your favourite thing today?❤️

My #FavouriteThing Today – Tuesday, May 25, 2015

My favourite thing today was choosing to put myself first. I had a social commitment this evening, one that’s been in the calendar for weeks. And one I was quite looking forward to. And then this morning, I got an abdominal migraine. It’s the first abdominal migraine I’ve had in probably a year and a half or so. And it was incredibly unpleasant. I came home from work because of it. I was up and down all day because of it. And by the end of the day, I probably could have dooed myself up on mess and gone to my social function, but I was exhausted. And all I wanted, quite desperately, was to stay home alone. I have been so ridiculously busy the last little while, mostly with kids’ commitments, but also with my own stuff, that I feel like I haven’t had a single evening off in months. So I made the choice to stay home and take care of myself tonight instead. I watched a movie. I made healthy food and ate what I was able to keep down. I cleaned off my phone, deleting old text strings, backing up photos, and deleting photos from my phone. I need to do some organizing on my computer too, but I didn’t get that far tonight. But a night at home alone was exactly what I needed. (And I’m still sad I missed my social thing, especially since one person is moving away. But sometimes you have to make the hard call to take care of yourself first.)

What was your favourite thing today? ❤️

My #FavouriteThing Today – Sunday, March 24, 2015 

My favourite thing today was family dinner. We’ve been doing Sunday family dinners more and more regularly over the last while, and it’s been awesome. Usually Josh and I cook dinner together, although today Josh took the helm because I was at a dance recital. My kids and I come, Josh is there, my folks come, and our niece comes. Sometimes we have an orphan or two. Sometimes we have some extended family. But we always have some variety of the core. And it’s so good for our family. And tonight was no exception. I just really treasure the time together. 

What was your favourite thing today? ❤️

My #FavouriteThing Today – Saturday, May 23, 2015

My favourite thing today was that we got through a very long day without a hitch. And some great stuff happened today. 

Kids #2 & #3 had their year end music recitals this morning. #2 played guitar, and #3 played piano and sang. And they both did awesome. They also both discovered how nerves hit suddenly when you’re in front of a room full of people. But the did awesome. Proud mama. 

The Kid #1 had two dance recitals today. We had grandparents, sisters, Dad and stepmom, Uncle Josh, and cousin there, between the two recitals. She had a lot of support out this weekend. And she danced great. She worked through when things didn’t go exactly as planned (lace tearing off the hem of a dress and literally having to be cut off in 4 bars before her next entrance, to avoid being a tripping hazard), and came off like a pro. 

I had three numbers in the recitals today. That is to say that I teach three classes who performed today. (Let’s be clear – I was NOT in the recital!) The ALL did better than I had expected they would, and I was super proud of everyone. In particular, my oldest girls (Kid #1’s class) did an awesome job and really brought their number to life. It made me very proud of them. 

And Kid #2 had her first practice with her new Metro soccer team in Vancouver. I wasn’t there, but apparently all went well. She felt like they were a really nice and welcoming bunch of girls, and my friend who picked her up said the coach is great. So I think that next year will be a great year for her for soccer. 

And to finish the day, an old friend sent me this super-awesome photo of me as a kid. Who wouldn’t love this angry, naked charmer?

What was your favourite thing today? ❤️

My #FavouriteThing Today – Friday, May 22, 2015

My favourite thing today was singing on my brother’s record. He got me in to sing a little solo part. Except that he and I sound almost indistinguishable from one another, so to everyone else, it’ll probably just sound like him singing it. Which is hilarious. But fuck, is he ever a good writer, and he has the most insane vocal control these days. (You guys are gonna be blown away by Astoria.)

I also loved seeing Kid #1’s dance recital tonight. (Well, the first of 4 dance recitals this weekend.) She had a good show tonight. We had three friends who came to watch, and it meant a huge amount to her to have them come and support her at her new dance school, and see her dance. And two of her dance teachers from her old dance school, Miss Kelsey and Miss Andrea, came as well. Miss Andrea taught Kid #1 from the time she started taking jazz, and had a major influence and impact on her as a student, a dancer, and a person. So it meant so much to her that Miss Andrea came to see her tonight. I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t get a picture of them together! So instead, here’s the first competitive number Kid #1 was in that Miss Andrea choreographed:

What was your favourite thing today?

My #FavouriteThing Today – Thursday, May 21, 2015

My favourite thing today was tech day. That meant 9 hours at the theatre. Running numbers, calling lighting, making final adjustments before recitals this weekend. I only had three numbers today – they were just very spread out. So I got to hang with lots of the other teachers, and watch my kid dance a lot. It was a strangely exhausting day, but a good one. 

What was your favourite thing today?

My #FavouriteThing Today, Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My favourite thing today was Kid #3’s band concert. It was grade 7 band, in all its glory, right down to the 1812 Overature. But it warmed my heart seeing all those kids having gained exposure to music in a totally different way than most of them probably ever had before. And maybe it will spark something for a few of them that will carry further into their lives – as appreciators, if not players. But lately I have come to realize the power of community engagement in music: community choirs and whatnot give people (who may not otherwise have music playing a central role in their lives) an outlet and an involvement that brings so much JOY into their lives. Music brings people joy, plain and simple. It can tug at a lot of other emotions too, but underlying it all is the enJOYment in music. And I was pretty proud of my kid up there playing her trumpet like a champ. 

What was your favourite thing today?

My #FavouriteThing Today – Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My favourite thing today was starting to do some contract work for some friends of mine. The work is a bit of this and a bit of that, getting them organized and making sure good systems are in place, and a whole lot of the administrative things I actually enjoy. With great people. And room to take on projects where I see growth potential. And I can set my own schedule. And I can work from home when I want to. Kind of a whole lot of yes going on. 

What was your favourite thing today? ❤️