My Favourite Thing Today – Tuesday, December 29, 2015

  It’s important to recognize the gratitude in our lives, every chance we get. I make it a habit to recognize the Thank You’s in my life in the mornings, and My Favourite Things in the evenings. I invite you to leave your Gratitudes in the comments below. The more we put out there, the better the world becomes. #MFTT #MyFavouriteThingToday #MyFavoriteThingToday

My #FavouriteThing Today – Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My favourite thing today was a magic dress. Before you start laughing, let me explain, because I think I honestly found a magic dress. 

Saffron and I wear matching dresses on stage. We went to get *very fancy* sparkly sequinned dresses in the spring in time to shoot a video. We found a brilliant dress – beautiful colour, great cut on both of us, and large price tag. But sometimes you gotta invest, right? I mean, this is our gear. But the store only had one dress, which fit Saf, so she bought it. I was supposed to go check a few other stores, and if no one had it, go back and order it in my size. Except I never quite got to that last ordering it part, because by then, the large price tag had become a bit of a hurdle. We weren’t going to get it in time for our video shoot, after all. 

Fast forward 8 months. 

I finally went to order the dress today, so we’d have them in time for some upcoming holiday gigs. Except…the manufacturer no longer has the fabric, so they can’t make any more. GAH!

Here’s where the magic happened. I went in to order a size 14. A size 12 fit ok, but the 14 was a tiny bit better in the boob area. So I was going to get a 14 and have it tailored. Except, my only options were the 2 dresses they still had in store: a size 6 and a size 8. I thought all was lost. We talked about putting corset panels in the back, but that was going to be an additional $150, which I wasn’t really into. So I decided to try on the size 8 and see how far off the mark we were. 

And it was fine. Like…fine. 

What the actual? I mean, all things considered, I would prefer a looser fit. So it fits a little “sexier” than is maybe what I’d have walked out with in a 14. But…basically it fits fine. Just a little snug in the boob area. Maybe not quite as much ruffle to the ruffle. 

There are two lessons here. 1) Stretchy fabric is fucking MAGIC, even when it’s 100% sequins. 2) Everything is always going to be a little snug in the boob area, no matter what size. 


My #FavouriteThing Today – Monday, November 16, 2015

My #FavouriteThing today was sharing meals with my (almost all grown-up) babies.
Kids #1 & #3 have recently decided to join Kid #2 and I on the vegetarian train, so meal times have taken on a whole new kind of adventure. Kid #1 and I had the most delicious lunch @nubatown – this cauliflower delight, followed by falafel and lentil stew. (Makes my mouth water even now!) Then all 4 of us had dinner at home together – a rare treat – and we had stuffed peppers, salad, and couscous (all delicious!), and best of all, we had each other’s company. I love Mondays. ❤️

My #FavouriteThing Today – Monday, November 9, 2015

My favourite thing today was our band being booked for some out of town work in December. There is nothing I love more than singing live on stage, and I feel very fortunate right now to be a part of two bands and one choir, and every one of those has a lot of performing coming up. There’s even a fair bit of travel on the table. And I find myself really excited about that in my calendar.

This weekend coming up, I’m headed to Calgary to sing with the Memphis Beats band, backing up Elvis and Roy Orbison performers. The following weekend, the Phoenix Choir is singing two concerts with the VSO at the Orpheum in Vancouver. In December, The Ticket is headed to Fort McMurray and Victoria, as well as playing around Vancouver.

So, I’m extremely #grateful for the work, and unapologetically thrilled to be gigging so much, in so many amazing different settings. Music is an enormous blessing, as much (if not more) to those who get to make it as to those who do the listening. ❤️

My #FavouriteThing Today – Monday, June 15, 2015

I was truly humbled and grateful today to experience a random act of kindness. 

Kid #1 and I were at the bank, where she was cashing out a GIC she had invested in last summer. She is leaving tomorrow for India, a trip she has saved up for herself by working, and through years of birthday and Christmas gifts. She invested this money last summer in preparation, and at the time, she was told she would walk away with roughly $75 in interest. 

When we cashed it out today, she received exactly $5.86 in interest. (It turns out the woman who had set things up for us initially had been new, and had clearly made some errors in her calculations when predicting the outcome of the investment.) I was not ok with the bank just saying “oops” and washing their hands of it. We spoke to the teller, and then to the manager, and I explained that I thought it was grossly negligent on their part to set a 15 year old kid – one who had worked her butt of and saved really hard – up to expect interest that was a whole order of magnitude larger than what she actually received.
And then…the gentleman at the wicket next to us handed Kid #1 a $100 bill and walked away. He had clearly overheard the situation, and he just handed her the money and walked away. He wouldn’t even stop for more than a smile when she ran after to thank him. He handed her the money and we all – Kid #1, myself, the bank teller, and the bank manager – burst into tears. The ladies at the bank said it was the nicest thing they had ever seen anyone do in their time working at the bank. 

We talked a lot about the concept of paying it forward today. Doing what you can for people, when you can. And I guarantee that she will pay it forward to someone else at some point down the road. 

It is with immense gratitude that I lay my head on my pillow tonight. ❤️

My #FavouriteThing Today – Sunday, June 7, 2015

My favourite thing today was family. Time with my girls. Sunday family dinner at my brother’s (killer Greek spread!). My sista from another mista providing roadside assistance and limousine service…well, Mini service. Family. 

And I was very grateful today to have a safe outcome when I blew a tire at 120 kmph. It blew so hard, it took half my back bumper off too. So, very grateful indeed. Would have been a front tire, were it not for my mechanic who rotated it to the back 2 weeks ago and told me I needed a new tire (was just waiting until I could afford it later this month.) Amazing help from the police, from the tow truck driver, from the guy who drives the truck with the big flashing arrows on it. Very, very grateful. 

And hey, I won $31 this morning on the lotto. So, things are looking up. 🙂

What was your favourite thing today?

My #FavouriteThing Today – Saturday, June 6, 2015

My favourite thing today was  watching my kids get ready for their birthday party. They had been given a budget of what their dad’s house and my house were able to contribute to the fête, and the twins chose to combine their birthday parties and their budgets. They planned out food, party supplies (water guns), cupcakes, and all things party. We did all the shopping, and they finished writhing $0.40 of their $140 total budget. This was a great learning experience for them, and made party planning way easier for Mumma. And then the guests arrived. 

And then I left. Their dad and step-mom came over, and I went to my dad’s choir concert. I had dinner with my mum, and then we went to hear this Requiem for Peace. It was a pretty massive price of music. 

Then I came home, read, and left the sleepover girls to watch a movie. Petty good day. 

What was your favourite thing? ❤️