Have you ever wondered about essential oils? I had used them for years, just because I liked the smell. In 2018, I went to an Intro to Essential Oils Class at a friend’s house, and was introduced to doTERRA. What a difference purity makes! Within a month or so of starting to use doTERRA EOs, I had gotten myself off of the majority of medication that I’d been taking long term – a combo of pain management (over the counter, prescription, and on bad days, narcotics), digestive management, and sleep managements meds, to control the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and its many offshoot conditions (IBS, chronic migraines, insomnia, and more.) Looking back, I figured out that I had been taking about 300 pills a month for about 10 years. That’s about 300 pharmaceuticals I now don’t take every month, and my liver and kidneys thank me for it! Very quickly, I realized that if it could make this kind of difference in my life, I needed to help others find the same keys to natural health, and I became a proud Wellness Advocate with doTERRA.

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