My favourite thing today was a magic dress. Before you start laughing, let me explain, because I think I honestly found a magic dress. 

Saffron and I wear matching dresses on stage. We went to get *very fancy* sparkly sequinned dresses in the spring in time to shoot a video. We found a brilliant dress – beautiful colour, great cut on both of us, and large price tag. But sometimes you gotta invest, right? I mean, this is our gear. But the store only had one dress, which fit Saf, so she bought it. I was supposed to go check a few other stores, and if no one had it, go back and order it in my size. Except I never quite got to that last ordering it part, because by then, the large price tag had become a bit of a hurdle. We weren’t going to get it in time for our video shoot, after all. 

Fast forward 8 months. 

I finally went to order the dress today, so we’d have them in time for some upcoming holiday gigs. Except…the manufacturer no longer has the fabric, so they can’t make any more. GAH!

Here’s where the magic happened. I went in to order a size 14. A size 12 fit ok, but the 14 was a tiny bit better in the boob area. So I was going to get a 14 and have it tailored. Except, my only options were the 2 dresses they still had in store: a size 6 and a size 8. I thought all was lost. We talked about putting corset panels in the back, but that was going to be an additional $150, which I wasn’t really into. So I decided to try on the size 8 and see how far off the mark we were. 

And it was fine. Like…fine. 

What the actual? I mean, all things considered, I would prefer a looser fit. So it fits a little “sexier” than is maybe what I’d have walked out with in a 14. But…basically it fits fine. Just a little snug in the boob area. Maybe not quite as much ruffle to the ruffle. 

There are two lessons here. 1) Stretchy fabric is fucking MAGIC, even when it’s 100% sequins. 2) Everything is always going to be a little snug in the boob area, no matter what size.