My favourite thing today was our band being booked for some out of town work in December. There is nothing I love more than singing live on stage, and I feel very fortunate right now to be a part of two bands and one choir, and every one of those has a lot of performing coming up. There’s even a fair bit of travel on the table. And I find myself really excited about that in my calendar.

This weekend coming up, I’m headed to Calgary to sing with the Memphis Beats band, backing up Elvis and Roy Orbison performers. The following weekend, the Phoenix Choir is singing two concerts with the VSO at the Orpheum in Vancouver. In December, The Ticket is headed to Fort McMurray and Victoria, as well as playing around Vancouver.

So, I’m extremely #grateful for the work, and unapologetically thrilled to be gigging so much, in so many amazing different settings. Music is an enormous blessing, as much (if not more) to those who get to make it as to those who do the listening. ❤️