I was truly humbled and grateful today to experience a random act of kindness. 

Kid #1 and I were at the bank, where she was cashing out a GIC she had invested in last summer. She is leaving tomorrow for India, a trip she has saved up for herself by working, and through years of birthday and Christmas gifts. She invested this money last summer in preparation, and at the time, she was told she would walk away with roughly $75 in interest. 

When we cashed it out today, she received exactly $5.86 in interest. (It turns out the woman who had set things up for us initially had been new, and had clearly made some errors in her calculations when predicting the outcome of the investment.) I was not ok with the bank just saying “oops” and washing their hands of it. We spoke to the teller, and then to the manager, and I explained that I thought it was grossly negligent on their part to set a 15 year old kid – one who had worked her butt of and saved really hard – up to expect interest that was a whole order of magnitude larger than what she actually received.
And then…the gentleman at the wicket next to us handed Kid #1 a $100 bill and walked away. He had clearly overheard the situation, and he just handed her the money and walked away. He wouldn’t even stop for more than a smile when she ran after to thank him. He handed her the money and we all – Kid #1, myself, the bank teller, and the bank manager – burst into tears. The ladies at the bank said it was the nicest thing they had ever seen anyone do in their time working at the bank. 

We talked a lot about the concept of paying it forward today. Doing what you can for people, when you can. And I guarantee that she will pay it forward to someone else at some point down the road. 

It is with immense gratitude that I lay my head on my pillow tonight. ❤️