My favourite thing today was family. Time with my girls. Sunday family dinner at my brother’s (killer Greek spread!). My sista from another mista providing roadside assistance and limousine service…well, Mini service. Family. 

And I was very grateful today to have a safe outcome when I blew a tire at 120 kmph. It blew so hard, it took half my back bumper off too. So, very grateful indeed. Would have been a front tire, were it not for my mechanic who rotated it to the back 2 weeks ago and told me I needed a new tire (was just waiting until I could afford it later this month.) Amazing help from the police, from the tow truck driver, from the guy who drives the truck with the big flashing arrows on it. Very, very grateful. 

And hey, I won $31 this morning on the lotto. So, things are looking up. 🙂

What was your favourite thing today?