My favourite thing today was  watching my kids get ready for their birthday party. They had been given a budget of what their dad’s house and my house were able to contribute to the fête, and the twins chose to combine their birthday parties and their budgets. They planned out food, party supplies (water guns), cupcakes, and all things party. We did all the shopping, and they finished writhing $0.40 of their $140 total budget. This was a great learning experience for them, and made party planning way easier for Mumma. And then the guests arrived. 

And then I left. Their dad and step-mom came over, and I went to my dad’s choir concert. I had dinner with my mum, and then we went to hear this Requiem for Peace. It was a pretty massive price of music. 

Then I came home, read, and left the sleepover girls to watch a movie. Petty good day. 

What was your favourite thing? ❤️