My favourite thing today was that we got through a very long day without a hitch. And some great stuff happened today. 

Kids #2 & #3 had their year end music recitals this morning. #2 played guitar, and #3 played piano and sang. And they both did awesome. They also both discovered how nerves hit suddenly when you’re in front of a room full of people. But the did awesome. Proud mama. 

The Kid #1 had two dance recitals today. We had grandparents, sisters, Dad and stepmom, Uncle Josh, and cousin there, between the two recitals. She had a lot of support out this weekend. And she danced great. She worked through when things didn’t go exactly as planned (lace tearing off the hem of a dress and literally having to be cut off in 4 bars before her next entrance, to avoid being a tripping hazard), and came off like a pro. 

I had three numbers in the recitals today. That is to say that I teach three classes who performed today. (Let’s be clear – I was NOT in the recital!) The ALL did better than I had expected they would, and I was super proud of everyone. In particular, my oldest girls (Kid #1’s class) did an awesome job and really brought their number to life. It made me very proud of them. 

And Kid #2 had her first practice with her new Metro soccer team in Vancouver. I wasn’t there, but apparently all went well. She felt like they were a really nice and welcoming bunch of girls, and my friend who picked her up said the coach is great. So I think that next year will be a great year for her for soccer. 

And to finish the day, an old friend sent me this super-awesome photo of me as a kid. Who wouldn’t love this angry, naked charmer?

What was your favourite thing today? ❤️