My favourite thing today was singing on my brother’s record. He got me in to sing a little solo part. Except that he and I sound almost indistinguishable from one another, so to everyone else, it’ll probably just sound like him singing it. Which is hilarious. But fuck, is he ever a good writer, and he has the most insane vocal control these days. (You guys are gonna be blown away by Astoria.)

I also loved seeing Kid #1’s dance recital tonight. (Well, the first of 4 dance recitals this weekend.) She had a good show tonight. We had three friends who came to watch, and it meant a huge amount to her to have them come and support her at her new dance school, and see her dance. And two of her dance teachers from her old dance school, Miss Kelsey and Miss Andrea, came as well. Miss Andrea taught Kid #1 from the time she started taking jazz, and had a major influence and impact on her as a student, a dancer, and a person. So it meant so much to her that Miss Andrea came to see her tonight. I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t get a picture of them together! So instead, here’s the first competitive number Kid #1 was in that Miss Andrea choreographed:

What was your favourite thing today?