My favourite thing today was Kid #3’s band concert. It was grade 7 band, in all its glory, right down to the 1812 Overature. But it warmed my heart seeing all those kids having gained exposure to music in a totally different way than most of them probably ever had before. And maybe it will spark something for a few of them that will carry further into their lives – as appreciators, if not players. But lately I have come to realize the power of community engagement in music: community choirs and whatnot give people (who may not otherwise have music playing a central role in their lives) an outlet and an involvement that brings so much JOY into their lives. Music brings people joy, plain and simple. It can tug at a lot of other emotions too, but underlying it all is the enJOYment in music. And I was pretty proud of my kid up there playing her trumpet like a champ. 

What was your favourite thing today?