My favourite thing today was driving home from Whistler with Kid #1 and talking the whole way. We had just spent the weekend there for a dance competition she was participating in, and it had been a great, if exhausting weekend. And we spent the whole drive home talking about the future, making plans, and getting excited. She and I think the same way – so much that it sometimes floors me – and an idea we’ve been toying with for a while kind of exploded in a whole new direction last night. Kind of goosebumpy. 

It was also pretty cool to find out that Kid #2 had gotten Game MVP in her last soccer game of the weekend tournament today. She’s a goalie, and she had apparently made a HUGE difference. Her team ended up losing, but only 1-0, when it apparently could have been much, MUCH worse. I was very proud of her. 

What was your favourite thing today? ❤️