My favourite thing today was a phone call from a friend to share compassion and empathy, and a shit ton of super useful information. The call was entirely out of the blue for me, and it really touched me. It’s pretty amazing to realize we have both support and resources around us far more abundantly than we think we do.

I also enjoyed lifting a chart for a student today. I’ve been teaching theory and ear training for the last few months, which has been a great reason to revisit it for myself. So I really had fun transcribing this song by ear. As in, nowhere near a piano. Just me and the song and some staff paper, pencil (and a big eraser.) I’m not sure I’ve transcribed something strictly by ear since I was in college. I have two more charts to transcribe for my student (who needs them for college/scholarship applications), and I’m actually quite looking forward to doing them tomorrow. Also…pretty happy that my ears still work. Well…one of them 😉

I had some good band chat with Saffron today. I feel like we’re kinda getting a game plan going for this year to build the band’s bookings up. And I could ask for a better person, or all around band, to do it with. I am so grateful to work wit someone I love so dearly.

I made butter chicken from scratch today. Josh gave me his instructions:

I added a second can of coconut milk, a touch of agave, potatoes, and a dollop of ghee. I’m off rice (#whole30 #paleo) at the moment, which is why I added the potatoes. It ended up being sort of a delicious Alloo Gobi / Butter Chicken / stew kind of combo, but all with butter chicken sauce. Sadly, my stomach was upset all day (bless you, migraine du jour) so I didn’t eat a huge amount. But there are left overs!

And finally, I watched a Netflix series this evening. I almost never watch TV – in fact, we don’t even have cable. (Just Netflix.) But I felt gross and lazy (now that I realized I’ve had a migraine, this makes sense.) So I watched about 5 episodes of Marco Polo – and I totally dig it. Kid #2 had showed me the trailer and thought it looked pretty good – and I agree!

What was your favourite thing today?