My favourite thing today was going for lunch with 2 of my band mates. I love our little band family. And I really want to see our opportunities grow this year.

I also had a couple of really good phone conversations today. This year I’m trying to simplify and connect more. Be really present in my relationships. Talking instead of texting is a good start.

My kids aren’t at my house this week, but I picked up Kid #2 from school today. We had a nice, if brief, moment of connection. And then later she sent me 2 videos of new songs she had learned to play on guitar. She’s rocking out Adele now. (I’m just waiting for them to become the new Partridge Family or Hansons.)

And finally, I finished my #DesireMap workbook. Got really clear on my Core Desired Feelings and my Intentions for the coming year. Focus is good. Sometimes focus requires the hurts-so-good of letting some things slide to the warming oven for a while. But clarity is really, really, really good.

What was your favourite thing today?