My favourite thing today was my appointment with my naturopath. She’s so great. And she totally gets where I’m coming from and what my obstacles are in getting where I want to be…and she does everything she can to remove roadblocks for me. I’m very grateful to have found her.

I also really enjoyed just sitting with a cup of tea this morning, in front of the Christmas tree. Yes, I know I’m late taking it down. But I really love the white lights. And it will come down soon enough. In the meantime, I enjoy my morning cup of tea, quietly, by the lights of the Christmas tree.

I am grateful to a friend for sending me some info on the Whole30 approach. It encompasses pretty much everything I need to do in terms of my diet: no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no processed foods. I should really be eating vegetarian too, but it is nearly (but not entirely) impossible to make all those things happen at the same time. So, although animal proteins usually inflame my joints, I’m going to see what happens if I eat meat but keep all the other shit out…maybe it’ll work for me and maybe it won’t. One way to find out.

And finally, I am enjoying working with a new set of Core Desired Feelings for 2015. I have been working my way through the #DesireMap workbook, and seeing how this new set of CDF’s resonates. I like the focus its bringing – in an entirely different way than when I did it last year. Last year was all business goals and doing-doing-doing. This year is all about less busy-ness, more living fully and in the moment, and trust. Faith. Fun. Abundance. Radiance. Love.

What was your favourite thing today?