My favourite thing today was having a neighbour’s birthday carporty, which was really just an excuse for us all to hang out. I’m back on the no sugar, no alcohol, no dairy, no gluten, no peanut, no meat train, so I was dead sober all night. And it was a good reminder that I have just as much fun sober as I do with a few drinks in me. I have GREAT neighbours, and we had a ton of fun.

Birthday boy! #carporty

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SO HAPPY that Susan came out tonight! #carporty

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Birthday #carporty comes inside.

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I also really enjoyed my choir rehearsal today, and going out for a bite to eat all together afterwards. We worked on some challenging music today. I haven’t been in the choral world for a few years now. I have missed it a lot. And I have some catching up to do to get my reading skills back up to snuff – it one of those muscles that has to get used to stay in shape. But I am very much enjoying the challenge, and the opportunity to sing with such an outstanding choir, under such a fabulous conductor.


What was your favourite thing today?