My #FavouriteThing today was going to the Phoenix Chamber Choir rehearsal. I had intended to go just to drop off some flyers for my upcoming theory workshops (several members are music teachers). I sat and listened to about 45 minutes of the rehearsal – a treat. They are such a stunning choir. My parents both sang in Phoenix for years. A year or two ago, a new conductor took the helm, Graeme Langager. Graham and I went through the Bachelor of Jazz program at Capilano University many, many years ago, and sang together in a couple of different groups. After the rehearsal, I was chatting with Graham and another member of the choir, and somehow it came about that I (very unexpectedly!) was invited to sing with the choir, at least for the next couple of concerts they have coming up. They are in need of tenors, and I happen to sing really, really low for a lady. Funny how things show up…I was just thinking recently about how much I missed choral singing. Well, that fixed that, didn’t it? I’m a lucky girl to have been invited to sing in an award-winning choir with a number of phenomenal musicians, under a conductor I respect greatly.

What was your favourite thing today?