My #FavouriteThing today was having dinner with the twins. Nothing special, just pizza. (And the migraine that followed it immediately…cheating with dairy and gluten is not good for my noggin.) But we hung out together and that’s always my favourite part of the day.

I also loved getting home from dropping Kid #2 off at curling. Kid #3 had gotten home from school while I was out and we just had a snuggle, because Tuesday. You know?

I had a good long phone call tonight with my sista-from-anotha-motha. She’d had a rough day, and I could hear it immediately in her voice. By the end of the conversation we were laughing a lot…in no small part due to our combined memory skills of a mosquito.

I made a big decision today. I left a job that I love, but my body doesn’t. The reality is that teaching is so much better suited for me, and I adore it. So it’s a better option. It’s still always hard to walk away. And sometimes you have to get hit over the head with a bigger and bigger hammer until you “get” it. So hear me now: I get it. Thanks for the sledgehammer. I promise I get it now.

And finally, I had a really interesting business call. There are some irons in the fire, some developments…developing. Some things that make me go, yes, this is ABSOLUTELY the right path I’m on. And on with a passion.

Good day, really. What was your favourite thing today?