My #FavouriteThing today was…funny enough, writing my favourite things again. It’s been a while. I just haven’t been in a head space where I had any energy for taking care of myself. And so even though I knew the best thing for me would be to find my little piece of gratitude each day, I haven’t been able to make myself do it. Depression is super awesome that way. However, this week I’ve started making some changes – eating better, trying to get better sleep (my body hasn’t been cooperating, but I’ve been trying!), FINALLY talking myself into exercising again. And this…this is maybe the most important piece for me, because it helps everything else fall into place.

I was happy today to do some errands that were really just for me. A bit frivolous even. But sometimes it’s quite ok to be selfish for a day.

I also am enjoying learning some music for an event I will be singing at on Monday. It’s music that I haven’t sung in a very, very long time. I’m singing Ave Maria, The Lord’s Prayer, and Amazing Grace. For the first two, I have to get out my classical voice…which I have only used probably twice in the last 20 years (both times singing Ave Maria at weddings.) I used to take classical voice lessons, but it seems a lifetime ago. It’s actually really interesting to work on classical repertoire with so much mor technical understanding of the voice (especially my voice) and how it works, what it’s capable of. My neighbors mint not be as thrilled that I’m singing Ave Maria ad nauseum…

What was your favourite thing today?