My #FavouriteThing today was a good, long cuddle and chat with Kid #1 in my bed. She’s not home much these days, so moments like those are in credibly precious to me.

I also loved dinner time tonight with my girls. I made breakfast for dinner – always a hit. Eggs, sausage, pancakes, hashbrowns…the works. Kid #2 made the pancakes for me, and did a great job. And there was so much laughter around our table. Even when I left the table and the girls were cleaning up, there continued to be peals of laughter from the kitchen. And that makes my heart really, really full.

And finally, I really enjoyed a text conversation with my brother today. Just shooting the shit – nothing really in particular. But just good…lots of laughing at ourselves. He and I have always been close. But since Mum’s health has really taken a downturn, we’re really pulling together, and it’s shifting the way our relationship works. And I like how it’s changing.

What was your favourite thing today?