My #FavouriteThing today was…well, today was a really good day. With really a lot of favourite things.

I spent a lot of the day at my brother’s. He and I were going to go do the groceries for Thanksgiving, although that’s not quite how it turned out. He started off by making an awesome breakfast of Mexican-chorizo-egg-cheese-English-muffin deliciousness. Full of thins I don’t normally eat. (But today I did. And it was delicious.)

Bennie’s bed:

Then Mum and Dad came over for a bit. Dad had some stuff to do, and Mum was going to stay with us and help while I taught Josh how to make homemade perogies. (We never got that far…tomorrow is another day.) Mum and Josh hung out, while Jordi and I went to do groceries.

Jordi and I haven’t hung out in awhile, so that was fun, right off the bat (so much insane laughter). He and I shop exactly the same way – up and down every aisle. We did Costco, Save-On, Canadian Tire, and Home Depot. In three hours, on the Saturday of a long weekend. We were fucking rock stars. We got enough groceries to feed all of Vancouver. And a fridge. (Which I had to take back to Josh’s in a taxi, because it didn’t fit in Jordi’s car.)

While we were going through the checkout at Save-On, I got a phone call asking if I could sub in Dr. Strangelove tonight at the Villa Casino. So I raced home (from downtown Vancouver to White Rock), put on my false eyelashes and little black dress, and raced to the casino. I was subbing for Kelly tonight, who sings all the high stuff. I love singing the high stuff – it’s a challenge for my ears, and it’s way easier on my voice. And it was a ton of fun to sing with my friend Sarah – normally I sub for her, so we don’t often get to sing together. Dr. Strangelove is an awesome band, and I have a great time every time I work with them. Such lovelies.

What was your favourite thing today?