My #FavouriteThing today was playing with my band. We played a Hockey Fundraiser close to home for me, and we had a really fun evening. Some friends came out to hang and had a great time dancing and cavorting with balloons. And some other friends came out to hang and got up and sang with us. Catherine St. Germain killed it with Lady Marmelade, and Mike Reno (of Loverboy) got up and rocked Working For the Weekend with us. So much fun! (And an unexpected treat for the guests at the fundraiser!)

I spent some time with a neighbour after we got home, just chatting and having a drink or two. I am so blessed to have such good people around me. Truly, truly blessed.

I also enjoyed seeing my parents today, if only briefly. I realized that, although I have spoken to them, I haven’t actually seen them since late August.

What was your favourite thing today?