My #FavouriteThing today was the big Canadian classic rockers event I participated in tonight. I was wrangling the talent, but I also got to sing BG’s on the last tune. So many phenomenal Canadian legends, and all such amazingly lovely people. The event started with Sarah McLachlan, and continued with Bill Henderson (Chilliwack), Craig Northey and Doug Elliott (the Odds), Al Harlow (Prism), Lee Aaron, Barney Bantall, Darby Mills (HeadPins), Neil Osborne (54-40), Jon Mann et al. (Spirit of the West)…a stunning evening.

I also really loved a text conversation I had with my brother. I was really happy that we have each other in our lives.

And finally, I was very happy that my kids got to come and see me sing today. I don’t think they’ve ever had the opportunity to see me do what I do. So it was pretty cool that they could come to my gig this afternoon, and they could see me up on stage, in my happy place.

What was your favourite things today?