My #FavouriteThing today was hanging out with my girlfriend, Virginia. I don’t get to see her much, as she lives in Whistler. But she came for the evening and we laughed and chatted and generally caught up on each other’s lives. I miss her.

I also enjoyed a lesson with one of my students today. We’re working on learning to sight read, which means that I’m teaching her everything about music notation from the ground up. Then it’s about learning to translate that into your voice. She’s learning quickly and doing a great job of learning the new language. It’s rewarding to teach something so tangible.

And I was happy to have made myself get up and go for a run today. I have a migraine, but sometimes going for a run is the best thing I can do for myself is go for a run when I am in migraine pain. My neurologist told me that’s because of the endorphins, and it totally makes sense. So now I try to make myself go when I hurt. And in particular, I’m trying to get myself back to running now that my body has had a full summer of being ouchy.

What was your favourite thing today?