My #FavouriteThing today was starting to teach a couple of classes I’ll be teaching this year. I adore teaching, and teaching in a classroom setting is a fun new challenge.

I also enjoyed making some yummy treats for myself. I’m trying out a low carb lifestyle to see how my body likes that (I’m always fiddling, trying to find the best combo of elements for my joints, my migraines, and to some degree, my weight. As in, getting to a healthy and maintainable weight that feels good.) So tonight I made “fat bombs“, and low-carb chocolate mousse. Both were delicious, though I think I prefer the fat bombs. (I used stevia in the mousse and agave in the fat bombs…and I think stevia has a weird after taste. But agave tastes like honey to me, and is quite delightful.)

I really enjoyed my neighbour coming over this evening, and chatting for a while, as I made my fat bombs. She popped in as I arrived home with groceries, and we just got chatting. It was lovely.

What was your favourite thing today?