My #FavouriteThing today was watching the end of a Harry Potter movie with the twins. We ran out of steam partway through last night, so finished it tonight.

I also enjoyed having a sit-down dinner with all three kids. Marinated steak, rice, and broccoli. Nothing too special, but everybody enjoyed it. And we got to hang out all together.

And I enjoyed watching Kid #2 play golf on XBox. Yup, she likes golf so much that she even plays the video game. Mostly she just wanted me to hang out with her and watch her play, and I appreciated that she wanted me there with her.

Finally, I was thrilled to get my iPhone battery replaced today. Apple recalled a certain set of serial numbers for battery replacement. I had known mine needed replacing (I had to charge it 4-5 times a day), but hadn’t been able to afford doing it, and just kept putting it off. Apple did it for me for free, now that they recalled. Yay for me!

What was your favourite thing today?