My #FavouriteThing today was knowing that Josh was taking Kid #1 to the Katy Perry concert tonight. Just the two of them. My kids and Josh don’t often have the opportunity to spend one on one time together, so this evening was extra special. This was her birthday gift from her last birthday (in February), from Josh. She got to pick the concert she wanted to see, and she chose Katy Perry. The only concerts she’s been to before we’re Marianas Trench shows, so this was kind of a big deal for her. And even though she had to wait for her birthday present for seven months, it was worth it. Because Katy Perry. Josh picked her up from dance, took her out for dinner, to the concert, and now she gets to have a sleepover at his house. Kind of a rad night, all around. And by all reports, they both had an awesome time hanging out together, and she texted me that the show was “Omg! It. Was. A-MA-ZING.”

I had a really lovely text conversation with my brother. He summed it up by telling me I am a great mom, I’ve made an excellent human in Kid #1, and that all my kids are awesome. It just about made me cry. So lovely. As parents, we struggle with the job a lot of the time, wondering if we’re making the right decisions for our kids. It means a whole lot when the people we love most in the world tell us we’re doing a good job. I’m incredibly proud of my kids.

I also really loved hanging out with Kid #3 today. She came with me to do some errands, including doing groceries in the US, and hitting the library. In that the kids are home from school with the strike, they have to do school work on mama’s terms. 2 hours a day, work of your choice: special research projects, Khan Academy, DuoLingo, novel studies, etc… The library provided us with fodder for the novel studies, in French and English. When we came home, Kids #2 & #3 spent an hour reading, and Kid #2 had finished a research project on Annika Sorenstam while we were out. We all played Kinect for a bit, and then headed for bed. I had lots and lots of cuddles with Kid #2 as she processed some grief about us losing Grammy to Lewy Body Dementia, bit by bit.

All in all, a good day. Now, time for sleep.

What was your favourite thing today?