My #FavouriteThing today was having my kids back home. They’d been at their dad’s this past week, and while I got lots of stuff done (away time is good for mama too!), I was Judy’s really happy to have them home tonight. Spent some one on one time with Kid #1 talking about her new dance program. Kids #2 & #3 and I spent some time with video games, snuggling, starting to read Beezus and Ramona aloud, and planning kitchen projects as part of their “home-schooling” curriculum while the teachers are still on strike. (We’re 150% supportive of the teachers needing a fair deal. We’ll continue at home happily until the government isn’t so idiotic.)

And I was grateful for people’s reaction’s today as I had to inform them that my kids – all three – have whooping cough, and their families were exposed before we knew. (I had to track down 6 weeks worth of people…sigh…haven’t had time to talk to everyone yet – my docket is slated for tomorrow!) People were lovely. All as my kids are hacking up a lung in the background.

What was your favourite thing today?