My #FavouriteThing today was seeing a good friend, and spending some time together. I haven’t seen him in a while, so it was lovely to reconnect.

I also really enjoyed a meeting with a student, her parents, her theory teacher, and myself. Putting together a plan for her pathway from here to university. It was a great meeting and we managed to get some important things hammered out.

And finally, I managed to work on my taxes. Got them almost completely finished (discovered in missing a T4…dammit.) I even got a start on my 2012 taxes (which I have to re-file, as they were filed incorrectly last year.) I will. Finish those up tomorrow. And I’ll be pretty much done by the end of tomorrow – other than the missing T4. Yay me! The whole experience has taught me that, as much as I hate doing my taxes, and resist it every year with every fibre of my being, it’s best for me to just dive in and do it. (If I’d done my own last year instead of having someone else do them, I wouldn’t have to re-file 2012 this year.) So I guess that was good learning…

What was your favourite thing before?