My #FavouriteThing today was getting stuff done. There was a bunch of band stuff that needed attending to…did it. I have to file my taxes this weekend (yeah, right on schedule), but first I had to do all the sorting for 2013. And I did 2014 while I was at it. (Tomorrow and Sunday I can actually DO my taxes – it takes me a while…numbers are not my strong point.) and I watched three movies and listened to about 5 albums throughout the day, which made it all more enjoyable.

I am grateful for painkillers at the end of the day. I had my Botox shots yesterday, and these ones left really painful bruisy spots on my head and shoulders this time. I think maybe my whole system is way more inflammatory right now because I’ve been eating more meat and poultry this summer (normally I eat a vegetarian diet – for that exact reason: meat inflames my body and makes everything more sore.) So tonight, after bending over and filing papers all day, my back is really sore as well as the Botox points. I’m very happy about painkillers, arnica, and icy heat right now. And a firm, warm, flat bed.

What was your favourite thing today?