I’ve been terrible at sticking to my Tuesday schedule of posts this summer. I can’t lie. Terrible.

Flaky. Yep.

But this summer I have spent a lot of time with my children, a lot of time with my parents, time with my brother, time with friends. In the midst of my mother battling Lewy Body Dementia, my priorities are shifting.

I have always prioritized family and friends pretty highly. But it is so clear to me at this moment that that is the highest priority. And so other things have fallen by the wayside this summer.

Once my kids start back to school, I will have days that are structured differently, and more time for writing. Part of me looks forward to that…and part of me wants to live in this people-centric summer idyll for a long, long time.

Life will come at us, and present us with challenges. It is up to us to adapt. The one thing we can absolutely count in in this life is change. So I guess we might as well learn to ride the waves, become life surfers of the highest order.

I will be back to posting in short order. In the meantime, please enjoy every moment with your family and friends. We never know how many of them we will get…