My #FavouriteThing today was my physio appointment. Got a little somewhere with my back that has been SO OUT for the last couple of weeks. Learned that it’ll be a long road ahead before it stops being f’d up. Learned that my back being all screwy may have something to do with my unwelcome weight gain over the last little while (nerves that are in bad shape in my back are also the ones that serve the GI track, and apparently there is a relationship – which explains why I’ve started gaining weight while eating no differently!) Lots of work to do, but now I have a good idea of what I’m in for, including probably a triple physiotherapist consult (do I get a prize for my back being so screwed up that my physio wants to bring in two others to consult? I think I should get a prize.)

I enjoyed watching a movie with Kid #1 tonight. In the wake of Robin Williams’ passing, we watched Dead Poets Society. Such a phenomenal movie. And such a phenomenal actor. I hated that the world lost such a great talent today to such an awful disease as depression. He was a magical man. But I loved that I have never before seen people pour out their love and appreciation for any celebrity the way they did today. Not ever. Robin Williams was universally loved and admired. And tonight the world is burning a lot of candles to light his way to his next landing place.

What was your favourite thing today?