My #FavouriteThing today was a long walk we took to and from Lost Lake. In fact, it wasn’t sooo long – it was about 2.5 kms each way. But because my back has been out for the last week or two, I’ve barely been able to walk across the street. And the problem is that regular exercise helps keep my pain under control, so when something flares like this (which happens quite regularly), I can’t exercise, and then my overall pain levels escalate dramatically. So this was a big challenge today. I was fine on the way there, as long as I really concentrated hard on my posture, pulling up, and my gait. But I wasn’t so fine on the way back. By the time I got home, I spent some very intimate time with ice packs, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, and pain killers. But the fact remains that I did it. And although it ended up hurting like hell, ultimately, I know that I have to go through this part to get back to where I can move regularly again. (It’s a cycle I battle with all the time.) So today was a good day because I did it.

I also enjoyed swimming in Lost Lake with Kid #2. It was a little chilly, but mostly really nice. The water was super clear. And I adore the water. It was fun being in there together.

I also enjoyed our dinner in the Village. One of our friends is celebrating a birthday today, and so we had a celebratory birthday dinner in the Village. It was lovely and delicious.

And we came home and had a games night with the kids. A loooooong round of Monopoly finished off the night.

What was your favourite thing today?