My #FavouriteThing today was having a girlfriend and her two daughters over to visit today. They’re here from Nashville, and we don’t get to see them nearly enough. So it was really lovely to spend the afternoon with the ladies. An afternoon which involved a lot of snacks (frozen blueberries are the best in the summertime heat!), sitting in the cool shade of the carport (yet another carport party!), and going to the duck pins to feed the ducks. I love my friend and I miss her. Such a treat to get to know her kids better.

I was very proud of Kid #3 today. She got on an airplane all by herself to go see her grandma and grandpa in Alberta. She’s 12, and totally able to fly by herself now. Having a mom who worked in the airline industry, she has flown a lot in her life, so she’s quite comfortable with the whole thing. Still, I was proud when she was such a big girl and did it all by herself. Arrived safe and sound into Grandma’s waiting care.

And I was really excited to find out about some opportunities at the course where Kid #2 has been participating in Junior’s night all summer. Looks like there might be a lot of golf in her future. Mama needs to find her a sponsor now (working on it), because this can be a pricey sport!

What was your favourite thing today?