My #FavouriteThing today was going to a BBQ with friends. We met lots of new people, hung out with some friends who are quickly becoming closer friends, and had a really fun time. We got to see a house that is mid-reno (the friend who’s house the BBQ was at), and the renos are all being done – beautifully – by another friend. Really outstanding work.

I also really enjoyed spending the earlier afternoon with another friend. She is house-sitting at a house with a beautiful saltwater pool, and she invited the girls and I over for a swim. We had a fun afternoon splashing around in the water, and the all three were working on perfecting their dives…with differing degrees of success. There *may* have been a few belly flops.

The girls and I went to the drive-in movies tonight…a long-promised summer treat. We saw three movies, and it was 3am by the time they were all done. Lucy, Tammy, and 22 Jump Street were in the bill, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

And finally, when we came home, my one girlfriend/neighbour who had been at the BBQ earlier was still outside having a bevvie. She’d come home to put her kids to bed and ended up hanging out with another of our neighbours. So I joined them. At 3:30am. Because summer. Turns out I live in Melrose Place, which I simultaneously love and find hilarious. (I adore where I live for so many reasons.)

Today was an outstanding summer day.

What was your favourite thing today?