My #FavouriteThing today was going to the shooting range with a bunch of friends, in honour of our one friend who has just graduated law school. We shot a variety of handguns (which I love) ranging from 9mm to .40 to .45. We also shot shotguns (which I don’t like.) A few of us chose to stay a little longer and shoot some more. I shot more of the Sig P226 9mm, because it was my favourite (and I was the most accurate with it. Like, quite accurate.) I also shot a few rounds with an assault rifle, which is fun too. But the handgun is still my favourite.

Then I really enjoyed going back to our friend’s mum’s house for a BBQ. I got to visit with friends I don’t see often enough – folks flew in from England, Winnipeg, and Edmonton for this shindig. It was a great evening with friends. I particularly enjoyed it when one of my friends gave Kid #1 the sex talk, which ended with him telling her to just make sure to always “wrap it up.” I honestly love that my friends want to make sure that my kids are well-versed in what matters, and are concerned for both their physical and emotional well-being, and want to make sure that if there’s stuff they haven’t, won’t, or can’t hear from mum, they can hear it from other trusted people in our lives – and a group of gay men is about the best set of folks to lay that shit out there that I can think of. So great. Love and humour in one fell swoop.

I also enjoyed having tea with a dear friend this afternoon. We were originally going to make our way out to Starbucks or something, but it was so hot, we never really made it out of his air-conditioned living room. I hadn’t seen him in a while, so it was nice to sit and catch up, familiar and lovely.

What was your favourite thing today?