My #FavouriteThing today was hanging out at the beach with my kids. Normally I avoid the beach I the summer because the parking situation kind of gives me anxiety. But now that I have a friend who lives in Crescent Beach, and I can park easily at her house, that element has been removed. And we can enjoy the beach in the summertime like normal people, without my parking anxiety getting in the way. We had a fun afternoon in the sun.

I also was very grateful for the twins help tonight when my back completely seized up in WalMart, and I could barely walk. Literally. They had to help support me as I limped through the store at a snail’s pace, stopping every time my back went into spasm. Which was often. But they were awesome, and totally there for their mama.

And I really enjoyed having dinner with my parents tonight. They took the kids and I out for dinner. It was nice to just hang out with them and catch up.

What was your favourite thing today?