Here’s what you need to know about your body:

  1. It’s doing the best for you it can.
  2. It is beautiful. Yes, with all of life’s scars and beauty marks. Your body is beautiful. You are beautiful.
  3. It’s trying to take care of you the best way it knows how. Sometimes that’s not how we would like it to take care of us. But it’s trying to protect us, nurture us, keep us functioning, give us downtime, get us through the impossible, and carry our burdens for us.
  4. It rarely looks the way we see it in the mirror. We see our flaws in the mirror. Our body wears our successes equally as well, even if they are invisible to us. Choose carefully which you want to portray to the world.
  5. It’s yours, and yours alone. Only you get to choose what you do with your body, with whom you share it, what you clothe it in, how you decorate it, and mostly, how you feel about it. You, and you alone.
  6. The things you despise about your body when you are 18 may become the things you adore and appreciate about your body when you’re 48. Hated curves because you aren’t a pencil-thin cheerleader become exalted curves when you realize how they work for you, and how they celebrate your Divine femininity.
  7. Every scar, every wobble, every stretched piece of skin, tells a story about you, about your life and your struggles. These are not terrors to hide and be ashamed of. These are your life trophies. Wear them with pride – you earned each and every one.
  8. It enjoys nourishment. Nourishment can come in the form of food, absolutely true. It can also come in the form of gentle self-care, great sex, exercise, communion with nature, connection to the Divine, love given and love received, staying present in the moment, and absolute joy. Nourish your body.
  9. It likes to move. Move it in a way that feels good in your soul. Walk, dance, run, row, ride, play, lift, throw, cartwheel, practice…find the things that feel good and do them. A lot.
  10. Yours is the only opinion that counts. Cultivate nice thoughts about your body. Change your inner dialogue. Write a new story. Nobody else’s opinion matters. Make yours a good one.


And for the bonus:

**11.   It’s the only one you get. Be kind to it. It has to last you a lifetime.


What would you like to add to the list? What do you think we need to know about our bodies?