My #FavouriteThing today was writing. I have felt blocked, but today I put all the distractions aside and I sat and wrote for a few hours. It always surprises me how much more dumps out of my brain than I anticipate when I do that. I love it when the creativity flows and the muse shows up for me to follow.

I also enjoyed a visit with my neighbour this morning. We sat out in the sun in our bras, sunning ourselves thoroughly. Thankfully, I have a somewhat private backyard, and none of my other neighbours were about. It was a lovely start to my Saturday morning.

I enjoyed spending the evening in my basement, where it was nice and cool. It finally got so got that I couldn’t concentrate anymore. So I sat downstairs in my undies and watched movies with a big glass of ice water. And I was happy as a clam.

And finally, I enjoyed ending my night with a little meditation and ritual. It’s the full moon of Neptune tonight, which is supposed to herald in the fruit of all the labours we have struggled over for the first half of the year. I meditated with chrysoprase, moonstone, hematite, fluorite, and turquoise set up on my altar. And then I wrote an affirmation and mantra, and burned it to release it to the Universe. A little woo-woo maybe, but it takes me to my centred, happy place where I feel connected.

What was your favourite thing today?