My #FavouriteThing today was starting the process of cleaning up and purging in my basement. We made throw-away bags, donate bags, and garage sale piles. It’s only just begun, really, (and I had to take a nap afterwards, because it exhausted me), but I’m glad we’re finally doing it.

I also enjoyed visiting with my neighbour today. We say out on her back deck (which she likes to call a stage), and chatted. It was nice to catch up. She would like to contribute to my car find with a concert (put on by me, and maybe others), on her back deck. And while I think it’s very generous and I love her heart for wanting to help, I also told her that it might be weird to have a band playing in her backyard…and selling tickets…. Or maybe that’s the summer version of a house concert? Lol.

And finally, I got some stuff done on the computer that needed to be done. There’s always more. But I got to tick two things off the list tonight.

What was your favourite thing today?