My #FavouriteThing today was the kindness of neighbours, some of whom were, until our BBQ last night, strangers. One of my neighbours drive me to the mechanic where my car was sitting. And when I got the bad news (seized engine….$3000 minimum to fix…$3000 that I don’t have), several of my neighbours started talking about ways they could help me. As in, bottle drives, silent auctions, a garage sale with the whole complex, and all the proceeds going to me and my car woes. So incredibly sweet. I was so touched. And it’s one of the few times I was caught so off-guard that I really didn’t know how to respond except to say thank you. Such generous hearts.

I also appreciated conversations, both by text and by phone, with a couple of friends who are mechanics, or know their shit when it comes to cars. Or who were just really there to commiserate when my day fell to shit. And my dear, sweet friend Susan, who’s house I was at when I got the phone call telling me my engine was done…so sweet in being there for my as I oscillated between near-hysteria, somewhat maniacal laughter, and near-tears, trying to process how I was going to come up with money that I just simply don’t have.

(Porn. I think my answer is porn. LOL.)

I appreciated today that I live in a neighbourhood where I can do much of what I need to do on foot. I went to the bank. The kids and I went to physio. And I had no car, so we had to walk. And it was a gorgeous, sunny day, and we couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather.

And finally, I enjoyed going on the evening walk around the duck ponds with my neighbours and their kids. I’m lucky, I have awesome neighbours who are great to hang out with. Whether we’re having an after party in the carport or not.

What was your favourite thing today?