My #FavouriteThing today was a very brief, very vulnerable and honest text conversation with a friend of mine today. Sometimes it’s just like that.

I also enjoyed taking Kid #1 shopping at the Thrift Store. She found a couple of good finds, and as always here – couldn’t beat the prices.

And I was happy to run some errands for my parents, and set my kids to helping around the house. Everything got dusted and all the wood furniture got polished. And then Kid #2 sat with Grammy looking through my mum and dad’s wedding photo album. Looks like I’ll be taking all the family photos home to my house…I’m becoming keeper of the memories…

We finished off the night with a movie. And Kid #2 had a date with some whipped cream.

I also enjoyed some very thoughtful responses today to my latest blog post. Some by email, some by Facebook, and some through the comments. But talking about our bodies is something that resonates with a lot of folks, and I’m happy to touch so many people.

What was your favourite thing today?