My #FavouriteThing today was people. I am consistently stunned by the amazing people I have in my life. They are truly a blessing.

I appreciated a couple of phone conversations I had with friends today. Seems like this whole mercury in retrograde thing is throwing so many people into unexpected territory. Seems like everyone around me, myself included, is being confronted with stuff that was not anticipated and is not welcome…but there’s no way around either. It’s coming from every direction, and hitting everybody along the way. (We’re all just trying to make it until July 1 when Mercury moves out of retrograde, and things start moving in a forward motion again!) Along the way, I’m appreciating all the conversations with all the friends who are in it personally or by proxy, and the support we are all able to lend one another.

I enjoyed my kids’ friends being here and hanging out. Although the twins’ birthday was May 9, we just got around to the birthday party this weekend. And it was neat to see all their friends – I don’t necessarily get to meet all their friends as all my kids go to different schools and have different schedules. So it was pretty cool.

My kids’ dad came over to help with the party, and we sat and chatted for a long time, as the kids were pretty self-sufficient. And I was again reminded of how grateful I am that, although we are divorced, we are still friends, and can spend an easy evening together like that. It’s a gift we have given our kids, and I am forever grateful to both of us for putting them first, and working through our stuff to be in a place where that has consistently been possible.

I also really enjoyed a bit of snuggle time and a chat with Kid #1 at the end of the night. She has my heart.

And finally, I enjoyed ending the night with my own little Summer Solstice ritual. I wrote out a few things I am releasing with love on one sheet of flying wish paper, and a few things I am inviting whole-heartedly with love on another sheet. Then I went out onto my deck and set them on fire, and watched them burn, while reciting the Aham Prema mantra (I am Love). Feels like a good way to transition from the first half of the year to the next.

What was your favourite thing today?