My #FavouriteThing today was my gig tonight. Some of our band had to sub out, so we had a few guys subbing in, and we had a great time! Some old friends, and all kickin’ musicians, shit grooved pretty hard and got pretty durn funky, and we laughed a lot. And for a change, Saffron and I made asses out of ourselves dancing around the stage….which I love. My feet and body are incredibly sore, but my soul is happy.

I also enjoyed a text conversation with a friend that started out quite silly – as ours usually are – but actually became quite a bit more serious. And supportive, and loving, and lovely. Some people just have your back, and really want the best for you, and love you like family, no matter what. And you feel exactly the same about them. That’s what this one is, and I’m lucky to have him.

What was your favourite thing today?