My #FavouriteThing today was the Marianas Trench club show at the Roxy. It’s been a long times since I’ve seen those guys do a small club show. And the history with the Roxy goes way back – like, we used to play there back when I was in the band, and the band was Ramsay Fiction.

Tonight, Josh got me up to sing Celebrity Status with him. (I will post a YouTube link tomorrow.) You have to understand, my favourite thing in the world is singing with my brother – we’ve been doing it since we were little kids, and we have really similar voices, so it’s really fun to sing together. (We actually have old recordings of us from the Ramsay Fiction days and even he and I can’t tell who’s who between the two of us singing.) Josh and I don’t get to sing on stage together too often these days. Once and awhile he comes and sits in with my band, but other than that, it’s whenever we happen to sing together at home, and that’s about it. So today was a rare treat – I love singing and being on stage with my brother.

I also enjoyed conversations with a couple of friends that were at the show. Amazing how you can know people for a long time and then have a conversation that gets way deeper, and all of a sudden you realize that you have all this shit in common that you never knew before…I love people. And in particular, I love these people.

What was your favourite thing today?