My #FavouriteThing today was having dinner with two of my dearest girlfriends. We don’t get to just simply hang out and have adult time very often. We’ve known each other 20+ years, and before we had kids, we would go out for dinner regularly, just to spend time with one another. Now it seems a rare treat, maybe once or twice a year, that we get to do that. Tonight was our lucky night. We had great Mexican food (albeit, with suspect service). But mostly we got to just hang out and catch up on our lives. I love me my girls.

I also had a very deep heart to heart with someone I love very much. Lots of stuff came to light that I had suspected for some time, a thing or two that surprised me, and…well, I laid myself pretty bare too. I don’t know how our situation may go from here. There could be a lot of sadness, a lot of joy, or a lot of status quo…but not status quo. Funny, the patience that this situation has granted me will serve me well in navigating…this situation. As the old saying goes, “The reward of patience is more patience.” No matter what, I love this person wholly, and I am grateful for them in my life. And I am very grateful for the honesty and vulnerability that we worked with today. I hold that pretty sacred.

What was your favourite thing today?