My #FavouriteThing today was spending my day at the library, writing. Something I plan to spend, oh, the rest of the month doing.

I also enjoyed going for a walk with my neighbour this morning. My foot is starting to be good enough I might even try a run. But today it was nice to get out in the sunshine and walk and chat.

And I enjoyed a couple of unexpected text conversations that made me smile today. It’s nice being loved. It’s nice knowing you’ve got your peeps around you. It’s all about connection.

And finally, I loved one of the golf pros taking a special interest in Kid #2 today (has been developing over the last month), and encouraging me to sign her up for junior tournaments. He sees a spark in her, great etiquette, great swing, and a love for the game, and he just really wants to see that supported and given the opportunity to flourish.

What was your favourite thing today?